Our SwimAmerica Swim School was developed by the American Swimming Coaches Association to get kids from blowing bubbles to swim team ready.

It’s our goal to teach every student in our program the basics to make swimming an activity they can enjoy safely for the rest of their life.  Swimming is a low-impact sport that allows people to stay active and healthy regardless of age or physical limitations!

Office: (214) 618-6767

Email: Lessons@texasfordaquatics.com

Location: 8353 Legacy Dr. Frisco, TX 75034

Not your average swim lessons

The SwimAmerica Swim School is a state of the art, goal-oriented program divided into 8 stations of skills.  As soon as swimmers progress from one level to the next one, they are recognized and immediately moved up to the next station.  The program is designed to teach swimmers proper form and technique from the time they learn the strokes to better prepare them for their swimming career long term.

Within SwimAmerica, there are two stages:

Learn-to-Swim: Stations 1-5, in this stage swimmers learn from water safety basics up to freestyle
Class Schedule – Groups run Mon/Wed, Tues/Thurs, Fri/Sat or Friday only or Saturday only in 30 minute groups, 3:40-7:40 pm
Swimmer to Coach Ratio – Maximum number of 5 swimmers per group to one instructor

Stroke/Technique School: Stations 6-8, in this stage swimmers learn all four strokes, dives and turns
Class Schedule – Groups run Mon/Wed, Tues/Thurs, Fri/Sat or Friday only or Saturday only in 30 minute groups, 3:40-7:40 pm
Swimmer to Coach Ratio – Maximum number of 5 swimmers per group to one instructor

Groups are separated by ability.

Every group’s schedule will vary between 8-9 classes per month depending on the number of days in that month.  There are no make-up sessions for reasons other than TFA pool closures due to unexpected circumstances (inclement weather or emergency situations).

The fees for joining our SwimAmerica Swim School include:

  • One-time registration fee – $50 (also includes team cap ($7), goggles ($15) and suit ($37), a $59 value).
  • Learn-to-Swim (Stations 1-5) – $175 monthly
  • Stroke/Technique School (Stations 6-8) – $175 monthly


Before registering for SwimAmerica, every swimmer that is to take part of SwimAmerica will be assessed to determine the appropriate level of placement.   An assessment does not guarantee an open class in the Learn to Swim program.  If classes are full,  a waitlist will be utilized.


Click here to register for an assessment

Be sure to check the box to receive a confirmation email.


During the assessment, each swimmer will be taken through skills required to pass each level until they reach a level that they do not complete.

Previous experience is not taken into consideration when placing a swimmer into the appropriate level, only the skills demonstrated for the coach running the swimmer’s assessment.  There is a one-time $50 registration fee that will be charged once enrolled in the Swim School.  Tuition will be billed automatically every month year-round.   To cancel automatic billing and drop out of lessons, please email lessons@texasfordaquatics.com by the 20th of the month.

Registration will be available for all swimmers immediately following their assessment.  If you have already completed your assessment and are looking to register for classes, email lessons@texasfordaquatics.com with your child’s name and the date you attended your assessment.

Once your swimmer is registered for classes you will need visit our apparel department for your equipment and swimsuit fitting.  For your child’s fitting, please make sure they are wearing undergarments to comply with health regulations.  Fittings are Mondays from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm, and Tuesdays from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm.  Please arrive 45 minutes before closing time at the latest.

Email questions regarding suit fittings to Nancy (apparel@texasfordaquatics.com).

All swimmers are required to wear the program uniform, which includes the equipment that is provided with your registration fee.  Any other swim wear will not be permitted.

NO parents in the locker room.

Congratulations! You have finished your lessons and are ready for the swim team!  What happens next?

  • Expect an email from our membership director within two weeks welcoming you to the swim team.  This email will contain instructions on how to set up your account on Team Unify, and how to sign up for the Pre-Comp group.
  • Questions?  Please email Membership@TexasFordAquatics.com
How do I get feedback for my swimmer?
To receive specific feedback on your swimmer, talk to one of the site supervisors when you take your swimmer for their lesson or come onto the pool deck at the close of class to speak with your child's instructor. You can also send an email to lessons@texasfordaquatics.com and we will follow up with you.
It’s our first time, what do we do first?
We are so excited that you are swimming with us!  On your first day, you will come in and have a seat in our viewing area.  Be sure your child is ready with the required uniform on 10 minutes before the start of your child's lesson to make sure they are prepared to join their class on time.  Students will be called out on to the pool deck by our coordinator.  They will need to take their towel, shoes, goggles and any clothes they plan to pull on over their suit.  We recommend they have a bag to place all of their items in.  We ask that you stay and watch your child's lesson from our viewing area in the lobby for the duration of the lesson in case there are any issues that arise during their first day.  After their lesson is over, they will be asked to dry off completely before re-entering the lobby area.

If you have any questions, you can always ask our SwimAmerica coordinator, one of our Site Supervisors and our school manager.

How do I change my class time?
To change your class time, send an email to lessons@texasfordaquatics.com with your swimmer's full name, their current class schedule, and include what change you are specifically requesting.
How do swimmers move up to the next station and what happens when they move?
Swimmers are constantly being evaluated by their coach to see if they are ready to move to the next station or level.  To be moved to the next station, swimmers will be asked to demonstrate the necessary skills to pass their current station and will be watched by the both their coach and the site supervisor to see if they have properly demonstrated the skills.  Once they demonstrate that they can perform these skills, they will be moved immediately to the next station in our system.  You will not need to re-register when this happens.
How are swimmers assessed?
Swimmers will be asked to demonstrate all of the skills required to pass each level.  For example, for Station 1, swimmers have to be able to bob up and down 10 times near the wall and properly blow bubbles and exchange air.  They will be asked to demonstrate various skills in progression with the 8 stations in our program.  Once they reach a skill they are unable to demonstrate, they will be placed in that station.
What is the SwimAmerica uniform?
All swimmers are required to where a navy blue swim suit, Arena goggles, and a Texas Ford Aquatics cap.
Why do swimmers have to wear that uniform?
As with other sports, the uniform that is required for swimming is designed to enhance the swimmer's ability to learn and perform the skills they are being asked to do. This uniform was chosen to increase the effectiveness of our instruction. The navy  suit is provided and fitted for the swimmer to prevent the larger amount of resistance experienced with ill-fitted swimwear. The increased resistance makes it more difficult to learn the skills that are taught to the swimmers by our SwimAmerica coaches. Swimmers with longer hair are required to wear a cap to prevent any distraction from their hair getting in their eyes or affecting their head position because of increased resistance in the water. The goggles we ask swimmers to wear are designed for competition, and they are more effective for teaching because of the fit and reliability versus goggles designed for play and recreation.
How do I get the uniform?
Once your swimmer is registered for classes you will need visit our apparel department for your equipment and swimsuit fitting.  For your child's fitting please make sure they are wearing undergarments to comply with health regulations.  Fittings are Mondays from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm, and Tuesdays from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm.
Why are there no make up sessions?
To maintain quality and consistency in our schedules, we do not allow a swimmer to make up a class at a different time.  We schedule classes based on the availability of coaches and placement of swimmers, and we schedule our staff based on the the expectation that all swimmers will be present.  Make up classes due to inclement weather is at the discretion of management.  There are many factors involved in this decision, and will be addressed on a case by case basis.


Does SwimAmerica take holidays off?
Texas Ford Aquatics does observe some holidays, but there are no make ups for holiday cancellations.  Any schedule changes to the normal schedule will be emailed out to all members.
How do I drop out of lessons?
If you would like to drop out of the SwimAmerica program.  Please email lessons@texasfordaquatics.com by the 20th of the month.  Requests received after the 20th will be billed for the next month, and dropped for the following month.
I need to change my swimmers’ assessment time, how do I do this?
To change a swimmer's assessment date or time, you need to send an email to lessons@texasfordaquatics.com with your swimmer's full name, current date and time for the assessment, and include the date or time change that you are requesting.  Any cancellation or change to an assessment will result in a $50 fee for a no-show.


Click here to register for an assessment

If you have any questions about our Lessons program, you can email us at Lessons@texasfordaquatics.com or call (214) 618-6767

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