13418634_983054458439126_2541958894595678300_oWhy We Do What We Do

Our mission as coaches is to develop a swimmer’s true potential in life.  We have an open door policy, and we are available to talk with swimmers about their needs and dreams. Our goal is to encourage athletic skills through individualized instruction, strengthen inner core values and principles, encourage abilities in leadership, fair play, teamwork, and provide a fun, rewarding and memorable experience.

After years of competitive swimming, our staff has integral knowledge about swimming and use a wide variety of techniques. We use level appropriate dryland and weight training workouts to not only promote strength and endurance but to prevent injury. But swimming is not just working out in the pool, on the deck or in the weight room.

13423992_983333268411245_2744788758674116170_nWe feel we must build not only a well-rounded swimmer but a well-rounded person. As a staff, we constantly work with swimmers to develop individual and team goals, exhibit sportsmanship and create a positive environment which encourages growth in life skills.

Swimming is not just something you experience as a child.
What we teach at Texas Ford Aquatics changes lives.

To meet our Coaches, please visit our staff page by clicking here.

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