I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate Coach Sam.  At the meet, she took care of Livi to make sure we had a lap counter for her 500 Free.  Coach Sam also stepped into her mentoring shoes with words of encouragement for swimmers who were doubting their potential.  She refused to let them say anything negative and instead praised their positives.
Coach Sam has an infinite balance of firmness, fairness, respect, compassion, and heart for her swimmers.  With that being said, Livi never wants to leave Gold!
I also have the same high regards for Coach Susan who was AMAZING with my then Swim America and Bronze swimmer, Elli. 
Elli has since moved up to Silver with Coach Andie. They BOTH have given Elli all the extra’s that she needed. She is only 8, so she is still learning to like the sport.  Her main problem is that she is dyslexic as well as unable to hear the Coaches during practice.  So, when I reached out to these two ladies, they made certain that Elli could hear what was expected but also they read the practice workout board to her.  It made all the difference in the world!
Sincerely, Kristi Reeves
Ava started with TFA in August of 2014. We moved from a small team in Illinois. Coming to TFA was a huge change!  After graduating level 10 of Swim America in October, Ava has gone through Bronze, Silver, Gold and is currently swimming on AG2.  She has LOVED every coach she has swum for! Each coach has built on what the previous coaches taught and immediately begins to prepare for the next level.  Everyday Ava walks into TFA she is unconditionally loved and cared for. She has been and continues to be taught life skills she will use beyond the pool. In turn, there are expectations clearly set that she is motivated to meet each day.  Ava is so excited to go to practice and work hard each day! I would recommend this program to everyone! Ava is proud to be a TFA swimmer!!! Thank you, coaches, for all you do each day! –

Catherine Pape

Dear TFA SwimAmerica

My wife and I want to let you know we really appreciate all your wonderful team has done for Christine and Catherin.  It’s been amazing 2 years.  both of my children started in Elmers swim school since they were 6 months old and both moved to TFA as soon as they turned 4.  We love the excitement and enthusiasm the coaches have in teaching our kids.  They really make it fun to swim.  We love the fact that the staff really know us by name and engage us not just as parents but as co coaches in our kids learning.  The great coach don’t just know how to teach swimming but they know how to teach to young children.  By making swim America twice a week and small class sizes, it really helps our kids learning swimming more efficiently.  We love that the classes are by ability and not age, so when our kids are ready, they advanced.  Even if it was in the middle of their class, the deck supervisors are constantly watching and they test the kids.  When they mastered the skills of that level, our child gets out of the pool and rings a bell to signify her achievement.  The entire pool area claps for her, even the advanced swim team children.  My kids found ringing the bell was something to strive for and when they did, it is something to celebrate.  They wanted to practice at home so they can ring the bell.  With all the different levels of swimming going on at the same time from Swim America swimmers to the national level swimmers all swimming in the same facility it is truly inspiring.  My kids like watching the advanced swimmers while waiting for their class.  From the bottom our hearts, thank you all so very much for all you do.

– The Salmassian Family.


As a former swimmer and coach I have high expectations, but I have only great things to say about this program and the coaches. They hire the best and they’re passionate about helping the kids to be the best they can be! Huge thank you to TFA and all of the amazing coaches!

– Nikki


Hi Dan, I joined your pre masters program a couple of months ago.  It’s the first time I have really had swimming instruction and I really enjoy the workout.  Also, I wanted to give major kudos to Coach LauraLee.  She is extremely encouraging and just plain fun.  My swimming technique has improved immensely in a short time with her help.

– Marty


Swimming, for me, provides balance. There is nothing like 12 x 100m on 1:30 at the end of a hard practice to put life in perspective. Swimming encourages both teamwork and perseverance. It was that sense of Team that attracted me to TFAM. I am not new to Masters, but what Coach Richard provides is something more than a challenging workout. He organizes socials, sends out weekly email updates, analyses stroke, provides encouragement, and cheerleads meets. I used to consider myself a loner. I got in the water, did my workout, and headed to work. With TFAM, I am surrounded by people who notice if I miss a workout. Coach put me on relays and I experienced the bond of competing together. Moving from a program that only offered three workouts/week to one where I can swim six days a week has been fantastic! My swimming is improving and I am taking better care of myself. When I swim, I eat better, sleep better, and manage stress better.

Thank you for providing a pool, a swim family, and a coach who pushes me outside my comfort zone! The lessons I learn in the pool do more for me than improve my swimming. By overcoming obstacles and striving to improve performance, my confidence and willingness to persevere in all areas is improved. Perhaps most importantly, I am way too exhausted to hold onto stress!

Coach Richard – thanks again for all you do and for the awesome facility to do it in!

– Jeff B


Olympic Trials qualifier, signed National Letter of Intent to swim for University of Florida and outstanding growth as a person does not come without the excellent coaches that are the foundation of TFA.  Cannot speak more highly of the club.

– John R

Warm friendly atmosphere. Definitely for fairly committed swimmers. Safety swimming better suited at a rec center or some other type facility. But if you’re interested in swimming as a sport this is your place. Also PERFECT for anyone who is an adult wanting to learn to swim. You get professional instruction and learn more than just safety but also strokes and form.

– Monique M.T.


Best place to get in shape. Awsome coaching and nice people. They know how to get to the next level. You think your in shape until you get around people that are. I’ve had more progress with them than I’ve had in a long time. If you really want to get in shape and have a lot of fun doing it this is the place.

– Toby P

Our youngest of four children is learning to swim through the TFA Swim America learn to swim program. My son was evaluated and placed into a station (level). Upon completion of each station goals, swimmers immediately receive recognition (a big deal to ring that bell!) and move up to the next level; they do not have to wait until their classmates have completed the goals. Each swimmer moves through the progression independently, at his or her own pace. I’ve heard some complaints from other parents that “the program is slow” but unlike a two week swim class in other programs, this program is designed to not only teach a life saving skill it prepares children for swimming on a team by thoroughly learning the mechanics of every stroke and turn and helps them build endurance.

– Lynn C.B.


So, I recently injured my Achilles and had to find a way to continue exercising without permanently damaging my heel.
I highly recommend the water aerobics program at this facility!
I’m impressed by the great workout I got!
Staff is friendly and helpful.
Coach was motivating and easy to understand.
I think even after I’ve healed, I’ll continue water aerobics to give my ankles and knees a break!

– Susie D


I have been swimming US Masters with coach Richard and TFA for the past year and while I have been really enjoying the  health benefits and camaraderie I enjoyed the true benefits this summer with my family.
I grew up fearing water and subsequently was not a great swimmer but over the past year I have grown to enjoy my time in the water, improve my strokes and ultimately gain more confidence.
This summer we visited Barton Creek Springs in Austin during TAGS and because of my training with Coach Richard and US Masters I was able to truly enjoy the experience with my family and swim confidently around the entire spring, even in the really deep parts!!!
Thank you Coach Richard for your patience and for pushing me to always try new things!!


Angus Henderson

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