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Texas Ford Aquatics has a wide variety of groups to cater to every level of swimmer. Group placement is dependent on many things including stroke and skill development, training ability, performance, level of maturity and commitment, etc. Group placement is always left to the discretion of the coaching staff.

Office: (214) 618-7241


Are you interested in joining?  Attend a tryout!   We’d love to have you as a member of the Texas Ford Aquatics family!  No appointment necessary, just show up!

Thursdays at 7:00 pm

Contact with any questions.


All swimmers must bring a photocopy of their birth certificate for us to keep. At the tryout your swimmer will be asked to demonstrate the following skills:

  • 50 yards of freestyle (with flipturns)
  • 50 yards of backstroke (with flipturns)
  • 50 yards of breaststroke (legal stroke)
  • 50 yards of butterfly (legal stroke)
  • 100 Individual Medley
  • Streamlines with dolphin kicks off walls

*All must be swum with correct and legal turns, starts, and stroke technique, which will be determined by the coach trying out the swimmer.  ALL of the above requirements must be met to join the USA Swimming team.

If you feel your swimmer is not yet strong enough to complete the above requirements, no problem; we have place for swimmers at every level through our SwimAmerica lessons program.  To schedule a date for a SwimAmerica assessment, Click here!  SwimAmerica is the gateway to our USA Swimming team and is an excellent place for your swimmer to develop the skills necessary to become a swim team member.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact our Membership Director, Samantha Kluttz at, or call our Coaches office at (214) 618-7241.

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Texas Ford Aquatics fees typically range from $100-$180 monthly (dependent upon group placement), an annual registration fee of $78 per swimmer for USA Swimming and $100 family registration fee.  Each swimmer is assigned to a group level after participating in a try out.  The annual fee may be prorated depending on the time of year that you join the club.  Texas Ford Aquatics does offer quarterly payment options as well as monthly fee breaks for families with multiple swimmers.

Due to varying ages, abilities and goals, we have the following practice schedules for our groups:

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Bronze 3 days a week 1 hr
Silver 5 days a week 1 hr
Gold 5 days a week 1 hr 30 min
Age Group 2 6 days a week 1 hr 45 min
Age Group 1 6 days a week 2 hrs
Sectional 6 days a week 1 hr 30 min
Senior 5 days a week 1 hr 30 min
Pre-National 6 days a week + dryland + mornings 2 hrs
National 6 days a week + dryland + mornings 2 hrs

We structure practice schedules based on recommendations for ages and abilities provided by USA Swimming, as well as years of experience from our coaching staff.  Swimmers are placed in groups based on ability as determined by our coaching staff.  If you have questions about our practice schedule, please email our membership director, Samantha Kluttz at


Our staff has a wide range of experience as both athletes and coaches. As swimmers, our staff has experience up to the highest level of our sport, including national, international, and collegiate competitive swimming. Our staff has also coached swimmers at every level of the sport, from their first swim meet to their first national meet. All coaches are ASCA and USA Swimming certified and takes great pride in developing a swimmer for long term success instead of short term burnout. Our head coach is ranked at the highest professional level as a Level 5 coach with the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA). He has coached world ranked athletes, including junior national champions, national qualifiers and finalists, and Olympic qualifiers and finalists.

Click Here to meet our staff!

What are the fees?
Texas Ford Aquatics fees typically range from $100-$180 monthly (dependent upon group placement), an annual registration fee of $100 per family and $76 USA Swimming Registration Fee per swimmer.  Each swimmer is assigned to a group level after participating in a try out.  The annual fee may be prorated depending on the time of year that you join the club.  Texas Ford Aquatics does offer quarterly payment options as well as monthly fee breaks for families with multiple swimmers.
Do I have to make a year commitment to join the team?
No, practice fees are monthly. To become an inactive swimmer you must give a 30-day notice in writing to stop billing your account.
Do swimmers have to attend every practice?
The more practices a swimmer attends the more they will grow in the sport. For our beginning groups there are no attendance requirements; however, for our higher-level groups, there are practice attendance requirements.
When and where are meets?
For most swimmers, 99% of meets are in the North Texas region and are approximately once a month. For the more advanced swimmers, there are swim meet opportunities all around the country throughout the year.
How are meets set-up?
Meets are based on USA Swimming Age Group Motivational Times.  Level 3 meets are for the beginner swimmer – all other meets have specific time standards that must be achieved to compete.  Time standards are listed here.
Does my swimmer have to attend meets?
Meets are not required in every group, but are highly encouraged because we are a competitive swim team.
What type of swimsuit does my swimmer need?
Boys must have a jammer or regular brief style suit for practice and meets.  Please no swim trunks for boy swimmers.  Girls must wear a one-piece suit for practice and meets.  A navy blue Arena suit MUST be worn at all swim meets by both boys and girls.
What equipment does my swimmer need and where can I buy it?
Equipment must be purchased before the first practice and can be purchased from Xtreme Swim in Plano. After trying out you will have access to the list of required equipment.
What are the practices like?
Practices are so much more than just swimming laps. You will learn and refine each of the four main strokes at practice while preparing to swim all distances. We seek to provide a well-rounded individual both in the water and out of the water. We seek to build our muscles out of the water as well by incorporating various stretches and workouts to not only increase strength and flexibility but also to prevent injury. Each coach writes an individualized practice for each practice group. Practices are adjusted according to each child’s abilities and needs.
Why Texas Ford Aquatics?
Our unique commitment to swimming in conjunction with active coach and parent involvement creates an atmosphere that makes us stand out from the rest. We raise the bar by hiring highly qualified, ASCA certified coaches who have many years of experience. Moreover, our facilities are some of the best in the state when it comes to swimming. We view swimming not only as a sport, but as an opportunity to better each individual.  Come check us out and see for yourself!
Who would I contact for more information?
Please contact Texas Ford Aquatics at

If you have any questions about our USA Swim Team, you can email us at or call (214) 618-7241

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